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 Secrets Of the Hidden Villages!

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Secrets Of the Hidden Villages!  Empty
PostSubject: Secrets Of the Hidden Villages!    Secrets Of the Hidden Villages!  Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2014 9:12 pm

Secrets Of the Hidden Villages!  2njc9d3

one hundred years have passed since the great Sage naruto Uzumaki passed into the afterlife and the world has grown, changed and prospered, the villages remain strong, but peace can never last for as long as there is free will there will always be greed. The Akatsuki have resurfaced under new leadership, and it looks like the villages have been may declare war on each other, but unknown to the five great shinobi villages there is a new village a village Hidden in death that is waiting for the time to strike and take control of the shinobi world

The Darkness has been casted... Creatures will try to claim what was once known as theirs.... Will they gain control again?? Will the humans fight back? or will they be able to coexist in happiness?
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Secrets Of the Hidden Villages!
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